Top Tips For Living In A House Share

Shared accommodation is no longer something only students endure for a few years. You may be sharing a house or flat with other professionals, friends or a partner. Follow these tips to keep your house share amicable.

1. Keep the property tidy

Cleanliness is subjective and we all have different ideas of what ‘clean’ means. It’s best to share with housemates that have similar standards to you. If this isn’t possible, try to compromise. You should set a few ground rules in the house or flat at the start of your tenancy agreement, such as keeping communal areas (kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.) clean and tidy.

Everyone must agree to clear up after themselves, particularly in the kitchen, and dirty pots should never be left to fester. Try creating a cleaning rota to ensure everyone does their fair share of the housework, or agree to split the cost of a weekly or fortnightly cleaner.

2. Get your house bills and utilities in order

When you move in, agree with your housemates on how bills will be paid and split between everyone, as this is a common cause of arguments. Set up bank transfers to cover the monthly outgoings that are your responsibility, and keep a record of what’s been agreed with everyone when it comes to making payments.

Alternatively, download an app that allows you all to access and track expenses by logging in from your phone.

3. Keep your room secure

Keep your belongings in your room and be clever with storage, so that your personal items don’t spill into the communal spaces.

Security can be an issue in a house share, with people coming in and out of your home that you don’t know, so it’s worth having some lockable storage in your room for high-value items.

Be vigilant and, as a house, agree to always lock your doors and windows to prevent break-ins. If you’ve got a house alarm, use it!

4. Share the essentials

It’s a good idea to band together with your housemates and put money towards kitchen basics such as pots and pans, condiments, spices, and dairy products to save you all over-buying.

Each month, you can agree on what needs to be replaced and all put money in a pot to make sure that those essentials are restored going forward.

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