Tenant Charges

Tenant Charges - for tenancy contracts signed on or after 1 June 2019

**Please be advised the below charges apply to all tenancies that have been signed on or after 1st June 2019**
We have produced this guide to inform tenants of our fees relating to a typical tenancy. Please note the charges listed below are the maximum fees (unless stated otherwise) that will be applied depending on your circumstances, and the number of tenants and all fees are inclusive of VAT. We aim to be as transparent as possible when disclosing our services, procedures and fees. Whilst every care is taken, changes such as seasonal promotions occur, so contact our branch directly for an accurate assessment of your rental needs.




Variation to contract
£50.00 to make changes / add a person to the contract. If the changes you require cost us more than £50.00, you will be given an invoice breaking down all costs incurred.
Replacement keys
You will be charged all reasonable costs of replacing any locks, keys, remote controls or security devices that have been lost during the term of your tenancy or not returned to the Landlord or the Agent at the termination or earlier ending of the Tenancy.
Cleaning charges
Tenants will be invoiced for any costs incurred for cleaning, which is required as a direct result of the tenant’s negligence in keeping the property clean. Including any cleaning required during the tenancy term and at the end of the tenancy if the property is not returned in the same condition it was given in.
Late exit fees
£10.00 per hour for every hour you are late past your exit time.
Early Exit
Tenants must find a suitable replacement if they wish to leave earlier than their stated contract end date. If the tenant vacates the Property/Premises during the term but not in compliance with their tenancy obligations, the tenant will remain liable to pay rent, the costs incurred by the Agent for re-letting the property, the agent’s commission plus any other monies payable under their tenancy agreement until the term expires, or the Property/Premises are re-let, whichever is the earlier. All early contract terminations carry a one-off exit fee of £50.00. The tenant will forfeit the deposit if a suitable replacement is not found.
Late rental payments
Interest on late rent payments will be charged at 3% above the Bank of England’s base rate from the date the rent falls due until it is paid. This charge will be levied after the tenant is at least 14 days in arrears and will be backdated to when it fell due.
Damages / Negligence
Any damages caused to the property by the tenant through breach of their tenancy agreement will be charged to the tenant. This includes call-out charges for contractors if the fault lies with the tenants.
City Realtor operates a client money protection scheme provided by Propertymark and an independent redress scheme provided by The Property Ombudsman www.tpos.co.uk
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