Guide to Buying

Follow our step-by-step guide to help you through buying a house.

Arranging Your Mortgage

Purchasing a house is a thrilling experience. It's essential to determine how much you can spend and what features you need. Consulting a financial advisor or a personal bank is the best way to start. Once your financial situation has been examined, you can get a mortgage in principle, making you a more attractive buyer to sellers. If you require assistance with your mortgage, City Realtor can suggest several independent mortgage companies with access to some of the most competitive mortgage rates in the market. Please contact us for more information.

Register For Property Alerts

To ensure that we meet your specifications, we will send notifications of relevant properties through email and text messages, allowing you to check them out at any time on your mobile device. To help us better understand your needs, sign up to City Realtor. In addition, we also list our properties for sale on popular portals like Zoopla and Rightmove.

Viewing Properties

At City Realtor, we recognise the competitive nature of the real estate market and offer early viewings to give you the best chance of securing your ideal home. Our team will do everything in our power to ensure you can view the property as soon as possible and will be present to provide helpful answers to any queries you have about the purchase process. We can offer evening and weekend viewings to accommodate your active lifestyle.

Make An Offer

The next step is to secure the property. Get in touch with City Realtor to officially express your interest and we will guide you on the following steps. The offer will be communicated verbally and in writing, including any special stipulations. Until the paperwork is finalised, neither party holds legal responsibilities. As a result, selecting a reliable solicitor is beneficial for a successful transition. City Realtor can provide you with a list of recommended solicitors endorsed by previous clients.

Offer Agreed

Even after an agreement has been reached, City Realtor is still devoted to pushing the sale ahead. We will produce a memorandum of sale, notifying all involved of the accepted rate and requesting you to provide your lawyer's and mortgage information. At this stage, it's important to enlist your preferred solicitor, who will take care of the legal elements of the purchase. Additionally, contact your lender to supply them with the details of your acquisition to ensure the loan goes through.


A solicitor is essential to ensure that all legal aspects of the property purchase are taken care of. They will monitor the exchange of funds between buyer and seller and act as a mediator in collaboration with the estate agent. The solicitor will work on the buyer's behalf and raise any necessary enquiries after receiving the seller's draft contract, request local searches, and refer to the seller's documentation. Furthermore, they will provide advice to the buyer throughout the entire process. At City Realtor, we value strong relationships with our recommended solicitors, understanding that effective communication is key to a swift and successful house purchase.

Survey And Mortgage Offer

A survey is typically recommended when purchasing a home and can be necessary if you take out a loan. A surveyor will come to the property to assess it and then produce a report that goes to both the lender and the buyer. After they get the report, the lender will provide a mortgage offer that will be sent to the buyer and their lawyer. It is essential to sign and return this offer promptly. Everything is legally binding once contracts are signed, and only then.

Exchange Of Contracts

After all questions have been addressed, and you have been presented with a legitimate home loan offer from your attorney, the process of exchanging contracts can begin. The deposit stage follows this. When both parties have signed the agreement, your deposit (usually amounting to at least 10%) will be sent electronically to the vendor's solicitor. This is a major step in purchasing a property, and you can coordinate a date to move in - once the payment has been settled in full.

Completion At Last

Finishing the purchase of a new home is typically a very tense moment as you wait to hear if the mortgage lender has sent the money for the house to the sellers. When the funds have been processed and confirmed, we can give you the keys, making you the official owner of the property.

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