Presenting Your Property

Every time you sell or let your property, you must remember that you need to show people that your house can become their home. So, we’ve written out some simple tips that can make a massive difference.

First Impressions

First impressions are key in life and also in property. We will take high-quality photographs of your property to use in our marketing materials. These materials are significant in creating interest and securing viewings, so preparing the property for them is essential.

Light And Space

You need to make all areas as bright and spacious as possible. Open all curtains and clean all the windows. Remove any unnecessary clutter, and position furniture, especially sofas, against a wall. This tactic can open up a room and allows our photographers the space to frame the pictures.

Vendor Highway Code

We have produced our highway code to help you prepare your property for the all-important photographs and viewings.
  • Surfaces – Clear all surfaces of items such as kitchen utensils, cleaning equipment, tea towels and personal hygiene items.
  • Clear of distractions – Remove any elements that detract from the space, such as laundry, bin bags, children’s toys, messy cables and magazines.
  • Lightbulb check – Ensure all lightbulbs work, especially in all ceiling fittings and above the oven.
  • A neutral colour – Don’t choose bright, bold bedspreads or blankets to decorate the property.
  • Give the room life – Fresh flowers and fruit can breathe a sense of life into a room, especially in a living room or kitchen.


An outdoor area can add a lot of value to a property. By dressing it well, you allow yourself to maximise its value. So, ensure that it is clean and any seating is prepared, even during winter. Clear away excess leaves and attend to any rough lawns or flowerbeds. Clear away rubbish bins and gardening utensils.

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