Abul’s RDF Bangladesh Deployment

This year Abul has undertaken an opportunity for us to achieve a shared and eternal legacy.

He will be supporting the Rural Development Foundation (RDF) Global with the amazing projects launched to help the most needy people in this region of Sylhet, Bangladesh.

As part of his trip he will be visiting Bangladesh later this year to deliver your aid along with numerous activities.

The key areas of his visit will focus on:

1. Cataract camp
2. House building project
3. Maternity project
4. Sports day
5. Soup kitchen.

He has a small target of £5000 for this immense legacy project and he prays you will join him on this benevolent journey.

RDF Global is a non-profit charitable foundation established in 2006. The aim is to develop maternity and healthcare for under-privileged women living in rural areas of Bangladesh and giving hope to women in need.

Please donate generously via the link below and please Gift-aid too!


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